We were robbed.

Stolen Ladders:

What We Did:

We upgraded our 2MP/ 1080 cameras to 4MP/ 1280, super-low lux cameras so we could see better in low light or no light conditions. The difference is DRAMATIC. The cost of these cameras is exactly what we paid for the others 3 years ago, $249. Technology has a way of getting better and driving down price!

Before and After (use the slider)

2mp Hikvision Camera 4mp Hikvision Camera

Our System Description:

Our system is IP based, meaning we have one data wire (cat5) run to each location. It was a simple as swapping out each camera and setting the new resolution on the NVR (network video recorder).

No Cameras?

Great Cameras Require Wire to each location. Cameras a the best way to supplement an alarm system. Cameras come in three protocols: IP, Analog and Turbo. IP and Turbo yield a 1080p + resolution and is measured in Megapixels. Analog is like watching basic TV before HD TV and are measured in TVL or TV Lines. All protocols can now be integrated easily with the new technology on the market. That means a single system is able to combine all three protocols in to one system.

More Info:

Give us a quick call drop a note to discuss the details of your system and what can be done to improve video and audio recording.