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Is COX Panoramic WIFI the best?


COX Panoramic FAQ's

Answers to most commonly asked questions concerning COX Panoramic.


“Using Panoramic, my wifi signal is constantly dropping and coming back on. It’s supposed to be giving me the best possible signal. But it’s so bad that I can’t stay connected to the internet. I try resetting it, doesn’t work, and now the Internet isn’t even working.”

Panoramic isn’t for everyone. It’s manufactured to fit the need of the average size apartment, condo or small house at approximately 1500sqf. It attempts to find the best channel to distribute WIFI by constantly changing the RF channel to find the one with the least amount of traffic at the time. Channels change depending on other competing radio frequencies. This can generate from another network nearby, interference, range and bandwidth restriction. For example, the neighbor’s wifi, appliances or other devices in the home like remote controllers or baby monitors. There are helpful tools and apps that allow for RF scanning. The one we like to use on sites is available to anyone called WIFI SCANNER. Link Below.

What frequency should I be using, 2.4 or 5?

Short answer is both however, it depends on two things: range and speed. The difference in the two bands of WIFI is the bandwidth or the distance in which the signal is sent. 2.4G sends a longer signal at a slower speed while 5 sends a shorter faster signal. For example, the closer you are to the router, you’ll want to be on 5 but outside, you might not have that option and go to 2.4 for the range. Most current WIFI devices give you two frequencies to choose from and some even let you program different passwords in to them. Enterprise level routers have both frequencies combined over one network so you don’t have to pick and choose.

I’ve had so many issues with the COX Panoramic. I’ve been to the COX store 3x and this one is garbage too. What’s a solution?

We have found that most, Cox Panoramic is insufficient for most applications. We suggest splitting up the three network components in the Panoramic (modem, router, wifi) in to three separate components. This way, each component has their own job. The Modem accepts the main input signal while the router distributes IP address to the devices and the WIFI broadcasts a powerful signal.

How do I get rid of the equipment rental fee?

In order loose this monthly fee, you must purchase a modem and a router separately. For best results, the router should NOT have WIFI built-in but should come from a wireless access point (WAP). Going the WAP direction, allows for multiple access points in the space on the same network.

What does a Fast network cost?

Some factors: Size of the space and Internet speed requirements. Depending on what Internet speed is required, or the tier plan, a typical modem is between $120 and $200 for Gigablast. Routers without built-in wifi go for about $100 and access points can be between $150 and $200. Conservatively, a brand new network for 2,000 square feet is between $350 and $600.

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