Home Automation Tricks for Halloween

With Halloween coming up, you might be expecting trick-or-treaters, or maybe plan on hosting a party. If you want to keep safety in mind, and have some good-natured Halloween fun, here’s some tricks to combine the two by using your home automation system.

Lights flash in your garage when someone rings the doorbell — If your garage and front door are near each other, surprise trick-or-treaters when they ring the doorbell by having the garage lights start to flash. You could install colored lights in your garage for an additional effect.

Turn lights on and off in random rooms — Set a schedule to have different lights turn on and off throughout your house. Having a light turn on downstairs, and then suddenly upstairs seconds later, would create a mystifying scene. People will wonder what’s happening within the house that’s causing the lights to change so quickly.

Stream music to every room in your house — Open your windows and play some Halloween music. Having “Monster Mash” course out from your house is certain to create a fun mood, making your house a sure-stop on trick-or-treaters routes. Another option is to use eerie music and dark colored lights to set a haunted house vibe.

Hosting a party? Get notified when guests arrive by broadcasting a chime through the audio zone’s speakers where the party’s at — Another idea for an indoor party, where you can leave the door unlocked for guests to come in but still be aware when people are entering your house. This way, you can go out to greet them, or keep a heads up to see who enters the party.

Incorporate microphones into the whole-house audio system, so you can broadcast throughout the entire home — You could use this feature to speak to guests if they’re spread out in different rooms, calling attention to any party game or dinner you have planned; or if you want to startle Halloween visitors, you can make up a spooky phrase to play before opening the front door.

Keep you and your family safe, and enjoy the holiday, by incorporating these tricks into your home automation system. For more ways to keep your house secure, reach out to Lanza AV.


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