How to Adjust Speaker Levels on Denon and Marantz Audio Video Receivers.

Surround sound too loud?
Center speaker too quiet?
Let’s dial it in.


Find the manufacture remote. It’ll be noted with Denon or Marantz on the bottom, respectively


Turn on the TV and Receiver


Using the remote, aim directly at the Receiver and press Main (top left button) and make sure the light flashes green. If not seeing a green light, check the batteries.


Press “Setup”


Press “Speakers”


Press “Manual Setup”


Press “Levels”


Press “Test Tone Start”


Select desired level per speaker

Press “Setup” to close out.
From this point, play a movie, a sporting event or a show that caused this Google search. Use that media as your baseline. Rinse and repeat until you are satisfied.

Pro Tip

Did you know you can use the colored buttons at the bottom to toggle between audio? Pro Tip: Daily TV and movie settings should be on Dolby while Music inputs should be on Stereo or All Channel Stereo.


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