Universal Remote Control

Systems are only as useful as their Control

Simple Control

Use one device to control all devices. A master control system takes over all audio, video, lighting, shades, doorbell and many other systems.

Check In

View active services like TV, audio levels, cameras, alarm status, door status all from the convenience of your remote controller or your smart device.

It’s Under Control

You have the ability to make the house dance. Setting up for the party is a button press away.

Audio and Video

Audio and Video Distribution

Integrating distributed audio video into your home automation system allows you to easily access music, movies, sport, and TV shows from anywhere in your home from one app on your phone or universal remote control. The centralized design means audio video equipment can be professionally installed in an out-of-the-way equipment rack, freeing up space in your rooms while making sure your equipment is properly cooled and easy to service.

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Lighting Control

Integrating lights into your home automation system is one of the most popular features in a smart home. Effortlessly control all of your lights with the press of a button. Program your lights to come on at certain times of the day when you are out of town so it looks like you are still home. Set home scenes with lighting, shades, and your audio/video systems all working together in sync by just pressing a single button like "watch TV" or "party mode." Bring simplicity to your home with lighting integration.


Video Doorbell

See who's at your door while at home or away. Get package detection, theft prevention and alerts.

Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades

Integrating your motorized shades with your automation system allows you to control your lighting, thermostats, and shades all in unison based on the time of day and the temperature. Start your morning with your shades raised, your lights at a lower setting, and your thermostat adjusted accordingly. As it gets warmer, lower the shades, reduce the temperature, and adjust the lighting levels to create a more comfortable environment, all without any interaction with your system. Now that’s smart!


Voice Control

The next stage in automating the modern smart home is integrating digital assistants like Josh.ai, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri to allow for voice control of your space. Adding voice control to your home automation system allows you to control your home in much the same way you would from your app, but with simple voice commands instead. The ability to use voice commands is an unparalleled convenience and our team can help you pick the best commands to add ease and accessibility to your system.

Pool and Spa

Pool and Spa

Integrating your pool and spa with your automation system allows you to control your fill levels, temperature, waterfalls, fire features and more.

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