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Smart | Automation

The sky might be the limit.

Simple Control

One place to control all systems.

Use one device to control all devices. A master control system takes over all audio, video, lighting, shades, doorbell and many other systems.


It’s Under Control.

You have the ability to make the house dance now. Setting up for the party is a button press away. Set the lighting, music, close the blinds, turn on the big game all from the convenience of your remote controller or your smart device.

Control Audio and Video

Got it.

Integrating audio and video into your space allows you to easily access music, movies, sports, and TV shows from anywhere in your home from one app on your phone or universal remote control.

Control Lighting

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Adding smart lighting into an automation system is one of the most popular features in a smart environment. Effortlessly control all lights with the press of a button or put them on a schedule.

Who's at the door?

Got it.

Who's here? I'm not expecting anyone. Get alerts while at home or away. Get package detection, theft prevention and alerts. Respond to them or don't.


Got it.

Add or integrate motorized shades. Start your morning with your some fresh sunlight.


Got it.

Or not. The next stage of automation is voice but you may not like or want that. No worries. Adding voice control to your home automation system allows you to control your home in much the same way you would from your app, but with simple voice commands instead. The ability to use voice commands is an unparalleled convenience and our team can help you pick the best commands to add ease and accessibility to your system.

Pool and Spa

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Another benefit of a Smart System. Integrating your pool and spa allows control h2O levels, temperature, waterfalls, fire features and more.

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