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Network and WI-FI

Faster, Stronger, Better Coverage.


Speed starts with infrastructure.

A solid foundation first' gigabit everything. Modern times call for networks that can perform with the demand of computers, phones, streaming services and video games consoles with no lag as we all expect.


As fast as hardwired.

Mitigate dead zones, be connected on your driveway and backyard, Let's figure out the right solution for you.

Topology of a Network

Access Point(s)

  • Speed: Are you getting what you’re paying for? It’s time to get a second opinion.
  • Coverage: Solve the problem where wifi doesn’t reach certain areas.
  • Protection: Set filters, control length of time on websites and devices, monitor, block websites, pause the internet for any reason.
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Wireless Internet


  • Expanded bandwidth for high-performance.
  • Protection and support for all connected devices.
  • Cutting-edge wireless access point technology.
Partnered with your ISP

We have a great relationship.

Choose your internet provider and we’ll take care of the rest. We consult with Cox, CenturyLink and other other providers. We’ll audit what have or what you’ll need and provide the appropriate hardware. We speak cox panoramic wifi, gigablast, mesh network, 2.4ghz, 5ghz, gigabit wifi, google wifi, wifi 6, gateways, fiber and everything in between.

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