WIFI and Networking

Solid Internet is the Foundation

We know networks.


Serves as a bridge between your local network and the Internet


The router creates a network between the computers.

Wifi Access Point(s)

An Access Point wired and distributes Wifi to devices.

Speed and Coverage

Modem, Router, Wifi = Comfort

Suggested heat map for wifi in the space:

Wireless Access Points: 2 Indoors, 1 outdoor:

Modem, Router, Wifi, Access Points, Hardwire and Wireless

All necessary components on a network.

Internet Speed: Contrary to what internet providers say for speed requirements, it’s what happens inside that matters.
Protect the Family: Set filters, control length of time on websites, monitor, filter out websites, pause the internet for family time.
Wifi Coverage: Solve the problem with wireless access points, not bridges. One network is the right way to go.