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Fantastic culture. Excellent pay. Exceptional people.

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Our Why

To be THE premier AV vendor to eliminate end-user fear and frustration by simplifying and integrating technical systems with the most effective product lines in the Southwest.

Our Process

Consistency, dependability plus our streamlined approach to the AV industry are just a few ingredients in our special sauce.

Our Team

To be part of out team, you must be nothing less than exceptional. We run smooth and efficient. We are composed of Sales Engineers, Project Managers, Lead and Apprentice Technicians, and rock star level operations.

Our Growth

We experience growth year over year are quickly becoming a household name because:

  1. We provide safe and smart environments for businesses and homes.
  2. We deliver a dependable product to look and function as promised.
  3. We only use the best, most effective controls available.


Design and Install systems in the simplest way for end-user operation.


Pursues new and creative ideas that  change the industry.

Core Values

Forward Thinking

In-the-know of technology, researches products, thirst for knowledge.

Problem Solving

Find solutions with available resources. Understanding the why and the bigger picture.

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Experience and Knowledge

Proven track record, mentor to others, continued education.


Commit to the customer, the team and the high level quality of work. Sign your name to every install, every project, every time.