Universal Remote Control

By July 14, 2010 Highlights

We’ve been asked for remote control suggestions a couple of times so I wanted to unveil the mystery. Universal remotes are not super expensive anymore. Sure, you can spend thousands on one that will control your video surveillance system, turn on your sprinklers, and automate your lighting, but taht’s not the typical need of the everyday family. They simply want to hit a button and everything that is supposed to turn on, turn on. Simple right?!

We suggest this great remote by a company called Universal Remote. The model is the R-50. Why do we use this one? Because it’s less than $100 and will do everything the $800 ones will do. It has a great light up screen and even a night light so you can see your buttons in the dark.

The programming of the remote is semi-simple. It may take a day or so to fully grasp it, especially if you want to setup macros (one touch commands like “watch tv”)

Check it out

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We’ve programmed a ton of these and can save you time and the frustration =)