Unbreakable Glass coming to TVs near you in 2011

By August 2, 2010 Highlights

If you go to Corning Inc’s website, you’ll see the company advertises its seemingly indestructible Gorilla Glass as being available for LCD TV sets, but to this point, no major manufacturer has taken up this tempting offer. That’s all about to change, apparently, as Corning has recently announced plans to massively expand its production capacity and is now predicting it’ll secure its first deal this fall. The benefits of going Gorilla are increased durability, strength and scratch resistance, which some are arguing could be a big selling point to display makers keen on doing away with plastic bezels and exposing edge-to-edge glass surfaces. Of course, the disadvantage is that we’d have to pay up to $60 more for a panel with the extra-tough stuff inside, but then having the option is better than not, right?

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