Technology Advances in Home Theater Seating Are Impacting Global Society

By September 25, 2010 Highlights

With in-home television being the most widely used video screen around the world, home theaters are now just as important as the kitchen, what was once considered a luxury is now available to anyone who wants to add value to their homes and lifestyles.

New technology has kept the living room relevant and in-home television remains the most widely used video screen around the world.

Affordable technology has brought quality home entertainment into the reach of main stream consumers, and they are paying more attention to their living space and the value this adds to their homes and their lifestyles.

“Many households now have a dedicated room for media and entertainment purposes”, Mr. Bala continued. “The launch of The Nate Berkus Show and other shows focusing on home improvements, renovations and additions highlights the new interest consumers have in enjoying their home.”

One of the interesting trends we see is that the home theater is becoming as important as the kitchen. Families are spending less money on entertainment outside the home, and more time inside the home with HDTVs, DVR, HTPC, Digital TV, Wii, Xbox and PS3. People are willing to spend money that adds to their quality of life and to the value to their home.
Professional research and planning is required to ensure the home theater both fits the home and suits the end user. Although the technological components are the main focus it is crucial that the layout is well laid out before any components or wiring is installed. Through the use of computer aided design the team presents clients with a variety of layouts that take into account wall clearances, aisle depth, riser height and the placement of power outlets. The type of seating installed also plays an essential role in the enjoyment of a personal home theater.

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