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AirPlay for Windows Media Center does exactly what you’re thinking it does

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This isn’t the first time Windows has been invited to the AirPlay party, but Thomas Pleasance’s AirPlay for Windows Media Center addin seems to already be one of the smoother combinations we’ve seen and it’s still in beta. Unsurprisingly, it does what the name says, so after installing Apple’s Bonjour service and the free client on your Media Center PC you should be able to stream video or pictures to it (there’s no support for music yet) from an iPad or iPhone with a simple click. The Digital Lifestyle has already gotten a quick hands-on with the app and got it working seamlessly as seen above, check that out for more details or hit the source link to download the necessary software to make it all work.
Source: ThomasPleasance.com

Netflix loads up on TV shows and adjusts its website for easier browsing

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This morning a slew of new of TV shows — many from the recent ABC / Disney deal like Scrubs, Reaper and FlashForward, others like The Sarah Connor Chronicles from Fox, along with BBC shows like Men Behaving Badly and kids/family content from Barney to The Wind in the Willows — became available for Watch Instantly streaming on Netflix. Beyond the new content, there was another recent change as Netflix continues to makeover its website, as many TV series now list all the seasons under one entry, instead of breaking them out separately by season. Eventually, the change should make it easier to browse the multiple seasons of content Netflix has been able to acquire but with things in flux, it could be somewhat disconcerting to find oneself browsing through an uninterrupted 16-disc set of Psych until the new listings are all straightened out.

Sourse: Engadget HD

Finally- 2 way Netflix Watch Instantly interface showing up on Samsung HDTVs

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First it was the PlayStation 3, then it was the Google TV and now it appears Samsung Apps compatible HDTVs feature the new look of Netflix’s Watch Instantly interface. According to our reader Bruce, the new UI popped up after he upgraded the firmware on his UN46C6500 LCD HDTV and, like on the other platforms, it adds the ability to search through Netflix’s catalog right on the device — no adding DVDs to your queue though, that’s still PC or mobile only. Of course, after our experience with the PS3’s multiple UI madness we know how much Netflix likes to test multiple versions of its app at once, so we wouldn’t be surprised if everyone isn’t seeing this immediately, just keep an eye out if your app suddenly asks to be reactivated again and you should be in for the new version.

Source: Engadget

Mobile users piddle around on the internet while watching TV

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Shocker of shockers, folks: people do more than just watch TV when they’re watching TV. A study of over 8,000 willing individuals from Nielsen and Yahoo recently discovered that some 86 percent of mobile internet users tinker around on their devices while situated in front of the tube. It seems that Googling random facts, checking their Facebook news feed and seeing who has tweeted in the past 30 seconds were atop the list of activities to do while watching, but strangely, a full 20 percent confessed to search for more information about a commercial they recently saw. Hit the source link below (PDF) to be instantly bombarded with facts and figures, but first, refresh that TweetCaster feed. Ah, so much better.

Source: Nielsen / Yahoo

Motorola Atrix 4G

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Pushing the limits of the terms “4G” and “world’s most powerful” is the new Motorola Atrix 4G ($TBA). Running Android 2.2 and packing a host of high-end features like a 1 GHz dual-core processor, a “qHD” 960 x 540 screen, 1 GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage with a microSD slot for expansion, HSPA+, front- and rear-facing cameras, HD video capture, a biometric fingerprint reader for secure access, dual mics for noise-reduction, 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi 802.11n support, and a 1930 mAh battery, the Atrix also works with a new “laptop dock” for expanded multi-tasking and browsing with a full version of Firefox — but it still reminds us a little too much of the doomed Palm Folio.

Source: Uncrate