Smokin’ Deals

By June 29, 2010 Highlights

We upgraded the equipment of one of our customers over the weekend and now it’s your turn to do the same. Every piece has been very well taken care of. This is High-End audio equipment people! We’ve tested it and done the research. This is a smokin’ deal.

Contact us directly for sales. We can get this equipment to you SAME DAY. Heck, if you play your cards right, we might even install it!

Energy Speaker Systems
Connoisseur Series
Condition: Excellent
Retail: 799 ea
Asking: 1200 /pr

Monitor Audio RS-LCR- Center Speaker
6.5 inch C CAM woofers, C CAM gold dome tweeter
2-way bass-reflex configuration
Finish: Black
Condition: Excellent
Retail: 649
Asking 499

Monitor Audio RS-1 Bookshelf Speakers
Finish: Black
Condition: Excellent
Retail: 649 /pr
Asking: 449 /pr

JBL Subwoofer- 300W
Condition: Excellent
Retail: 599
Asking: 449

ELAN Home Systems Speakers- In-ceiling Speakers- 3 pair
MC650C 6.5″ Ceiling 2-Way Speaker
Condition: Good- These have been in the ceiling for the past few years but sound great!
Retail: 329/pr
Asking: 89/pr

Audio Control C-101
Series 3 Octove Equalizer
AudioControl C-101SE Two-Channel Equalizer
Condition: Excellent
Retail: 799
Asking: 649

B & K Amplifier 300W (125.2 S2)
Condition: Excellent
Retail: 699
Asking: 549