Sewell InjectIR extends your IR signal over HDMI, gives you even less reason to leave the couch

By June 29, 2011 Highlights

Is your HDMI cable really pulling its weight? Sure, it’s delivering high-definition video and audio, but what has it done for you lately? InjectIR puts the cord to use, sending theĀ IR signal from your Blu-ray / DVR / et al. remotes through itsĀ CEC channel, and then transmitting it directly into your hardware’s sensor, thereby extending your IR range without an extra cable. The kit also has a switch for those times when you actually need to use the CEC channel. The InjectIR is up now for pre-order on Sewell’s site. It’ll start shipping next month and will run you $45 — a small price to pay for being able to move the sofa back where it belongs.

[Thanks, Ian]