Quality is the Difference.

Recording 24/7, 365 in High Definition

Eyes On Everything.

Home Security Cameras and Business Security Cameras are the best way to supplement an alarm system and ensure security in the home or business. Chain store quality does not compare to a professional/ commercial system. All of our customers approve of the top-notch quality and longevity of the systems we specify and install.

Know the Difference

IP (Megapixel) Cameras are like watching TV in High Definition. Analog cameras don’t see well at night and are more like watching a blurry cable channel.

This is important because:

* Images record at a higher resolution.

* Images record at more frames per second.

* Optically zoom can be performed during or after an event.

Affordable Security is Key

Security cameras have never been so affordable. We have options for every budget and will work with you to make sure that you get the best security system that you can.

Every Project is Unique

From security cameras to digital video recorder equipment, we offer high quality video surveillance products at competitive prices. We’ve recently added new Hybrid Network DVR to our repertoire which allows our customers to focus quality cameras on at-risk areas while still being able to view other parts of the property and stay in the budget. This also affords the ability for us to take over existing camera systems.

Accessibility must be EASY and EVERYWHERE

It’s important to us that EVERY screen you’re in front of, you have the ability to look at your cameras. From the TV in the living room to the TV in the back office, it’s paramount to have access to cameras. On your phone or tablet is important and this is why some people even get cameras. All our systems have the ability to be viewed remotely or offsite. If you have a Smart Phone or a computer with access to the internet, you are able to view your cameras. So, whether you’re on the road and want to see the property or simply check in to see what’s happening, the system is your control.

Who Needs Security Cameras?
It is more important now then ever before to be prepared. Installing an HD camera system will help you get there. Our systems come in 4, 8, 16 or 32 channels complete with HD cameras, a digital video recorder and the ability to view cameras remotely and off-site. The presence of security cameras in any area is critical to the safety of the property and the assurance of asset control. We offer site visits and site analysis and are able to help move your project along by working with you on your requirements.

  • Retail shopping centers
  • Private Residences
  • Medical facilities
  • Small to Large commercial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Farms
  • Government Facilities