Universal Remote Control

Systems are only as useful as their Control

Simple Control: Use one device to control all devices. A master control will take over all audio, video, lighting, shades, doorbell and many other systems.
Check in on things: View cameras, alarm status, door status all from the convenience of your remote controller or your smart device.
It’s Under Control: Now we have the ability to make the house dance. Setting up for the party is a button press away.

NEW Savant Remote

With Voice Control

Control4’s best selling hand-held remote.

Control everything from one App.

Three or more remotes laying around? You’re the only one who knows how to fly the system? Consider a universal remote. Controlling your system from a handheld remote or a smart phone has never been more affordable.

What good is an AV system if nobody can easily control it?

We offer various solutions of universal control products. Whether you want to control a tv or an integrated system with ease, you can expand on and set your own favorites.

AV, lights, thermostats, blinds/shades and now irrigation control and more, we have a solution. Which remote or control system is right for you? Stop in the shop and see for yourself.