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Audio and Video Solutions


It is the most daunting tasks to do without help. On the surface, it seems that if you just go out and buy the best components you’ve seen online and the budget allows would be the winner. That could be true but a designed system will actually save you money in the long run plus it more accurately reproduce the audio and video. Assembling an audio and video system that’s high performing, will benefit by professional input.

Get the right mix of speakers and component by connecting with us.


Ever been in a place like a restaurant where you have to squint your eyes to see what’s happening? The viewing distance, screen size, and resolution all play a part of the best A/V experience. There are a lot of ways to be creative in what images show up and where through video distribution solutions. Do you need one cable box for every TV in the house? Do you even need cable?

We have saved customers tens of thousands of dollars by just connecting with us.

It is imperative we provide our customers with high performing products, quality and maintain great a reputation. We partner with manufacturers that provide only the best products and support. Have us help in selecting the right components with you.

Family Room

Surround Sound

Experience the audio and visuals as the directors want you to hear from your favorite seat in the family room when Surround Sound meets Atmos.

Records Players are Back

2-Channel Audio

Stereo and Two Channel Audio is the new old school. Spin the classics and hear to your favorite albums for the first time over a gentleman's or gentle ladies beverage. Hear the music as it was intended.

Music in Every Room

Multi Room Audio

Music on the patio, backyard or all through the house. There's no better experience like having music in every room.

Out of Sight

Invisible Speakers!

Out of sight and crystal clear. Perfect solution for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and hallways.

Your Theater

Designed to look and feel how you want it.

Stay in. Get comfy. Some say it's better than going to the movie theater.


Size, Distance, Resolution.

There's a lot of confusing gargon the TV manufacturers use. Should we get in to it here?! What we do commit to is getting you the best bang for your buck. TV sizes and quality change every day but we do know that TV in the main viewing area is the first stop.


We've forged relationships with these top manufactures so you don't have to.

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