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Audio & Video: The Core of Pure Happiness


Have us help in selecting the right audio components with you.

Find the right mix of speakers and electronics. It's often not that simple.

It can be one of the more daunting tasks if you do it on your own. On the surface, it would seem that if you just go out and buy the best components you’ve seen online and the budget allows would be the winner. That could be true but a designed system will more accurately reproduce the audio and video its fed, regardless of whether that signal is from a movie or music. But it’s often not that simple. While assembling an audio system that’s high performing, it may benefit some professional input.

Partnership matters. It’s imperative we provide our customers with high performing products, maintain quality and have a great reputation. We partner with manufacturers that provide only the best products and support. Have us help in selecting the right audio components with you.

Family Room Home Theater

Finally, hear the sounds the directors want you to hear from your favorite seat in the family room with Surround Sound.

2-Channel and Critical Listening Rooms

Stereo and Two Channel Audio is the new old school. Spin the classics and hear to your favorite albums for the first time over a gentleman's or gentle ladies beverage. Hear the music as it was intended.

Multi Room Audio

Tunes on the patio or backyard speakers create a great mood.

Whole Home Audio

There's no better experience like having music in every room.


Have us help in selecting the right video components with you.

Size and Source Matter.

The screen size is a huge part of the A/V experience. When it comes to video, there are a lot of ways to be creative in what shows up where. How to know what screen size to get? Yes, there’s a calculation! What about height? What about content? Do you need one cable box for every TV in the house? The answer depends. Can you get rid of a few cable boxes to save a few dollars a month? Absolutely. We’re the experts on how.

Family Room Home Theater

Everyday casual or bring the family together for movie night or the next big game.

Dedicated Theater

Stay in. Get comfy. Some say it's better than going to the movie theater.


Picture in Picture. Projector screen over Televisions. Game Rooms and home bar.


We've forged relationships with these top manufactures.