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Secure and Dependable Alarm Systems

Security Alarm

Lanza AV provides fast, simple and secure security and life safety solutions for all applications.

The foundation of your security and safety starts with Intrusion Detection. Intrusion Detection gives you the ability to detect unwanted attempts at accessing your property, home and loved ones. The easiest way to build this peace of mind is to invest in a Lanza Home Security Burglar Alarm System. We work with you to build a customized system for your home.

For added protection, life safety devices such as, Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Sensors, and Medical Pendants, should be part of all complete security systems.

We only use products with proven track records and partner with the highest and best rated home security systems and monitoring service. We offer Self Monitoring and 24/7 Monitoring options. Our systems are easy to use, expandable and integrate with other devices. Our rates are competitive and you own your equipment after the installation. We offer 36/mo agreements and also have month to month options.

Online Access

We’re Local =  Fast Service

System Expandability

No Rate Changes

Competitive Monthly Rates

Monitoring Options
Alarm System Components

What's in an Alarm System?

Main Keypad
Secondary Keypads
Door and Window Contacts
Motion Detection
Glass Break Detection
Smoke Detection
Carbon Monoxide Detection
Key Fob
Medical Emergency Pendants
Monitoring Station

More about Alarms

Simple Accessibility

With smartphones and or web access the ability to control the alarm system is simple. Users are able to arm, disarm, unlock door locks, control the thermostat, door locks and garage doors remotely with the press of a button.

Expanded bandwidth for high-performance AV, lighting and media devices.
Unmatched protection and support for all connected devices.
Cutting-edge wireless access point technology to extend signal.


Monitoring Options

24/7 Monitoring: Based on the best reviews and experiences of our clients, we choose to partner with the best in the industry.

Self Monitoring: Best paired with cameras! In this scenario, the customer has purchased the equipment outright and is paying a smaller amount and it’s month to month.

Alarm Starter Kit

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