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With smartphones and or web access the ability to control the alarm system is simple. Users are able to arm, disarm, unlock door locks, control the thermostat, door locks and garage doors remotely with the press of a button. 

Intrusion Detection

The foundation of your security and safety starts with Intrusion Detection. Intrusion Detection gives you the ability to detect unwanted attempts at accessing your property, home and loved ones. The easiest way to build this peace of mind is to invest in a Lanza Home Security Burglar Alarm System. We work with you to build a customized system for your home.

Home and Business

Most homes are not equipped with alarm cable and require wireless products. This can be done at any time. A Pre-wired home, is a home that is equipped with alarm cable for future installation of security devices.

Door and Window Contacts  

Recessed and exposed, wired and wireless door and window contacts as contact points on doors and windows is one of the best ways to guard against perimeter intrusions.

Glass-Break Detection 

A Glass break will hear the sound of smashing doors or windows and trigger the system. The use of a sensor like this is key for windows that don’t open or a room where there are a lot of windows.

Motion Detection 

Motions are key for big rooms, entry ways, smoke detector linked to your alarm is particularly important in Southern Nevada because emergency personnel can only respond to visually confirmed smoke. Brantley ensures this confirmation by dispatching a response immediately.

Smoke Detection

Having a smoke detector linked to your alarm is particularly important because emergency personnel can only respond to visually confirmed smoke. Our systems ensure this confirmation by dispatching a response immediately.

Carbon Monoxide Detection 

Many homes use natural gas. Carbon Monoxide Sensors detect this colorless, odorless gas, which could save your life. Because of the extreme danger of Carbon Monoxide, Emergency Personnel will respond immediately when alerted by our Systems

Medical Emergency Pendant 

This is a service that is offered to alert emergency personnel, for those that have a medical conditions or have limited mobility.

Life Safety 

For added protection, life safety devices such as, Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Sensors, and Medical Pendants, should be part of all complete security systems.

24/7 Monitoring 

Based on the best reviews and our extremely happy customers, we chose Brinks Security Station formerly Monitronics. Services include, police, fire and rescue response.



Mr. and Mrs. Cohen

Project Case Study

Alarm with cellular and remote access

What We Did

ADT take over: 15 door contacts, 22 windows, 3 motion detectors and 2 glass break detectors, 2 garage doors and 2 thermostats with full color touch screen main panels and 2 secondary keypads for the front door entry and master bedroom.

Busy, they packed her suitcases and headed to the airport. After sitting in thier seats, the Mrs. widened her eyes, her heart started racing. She ask her husband “Did you close the garage and arm the alarm?” Alarmed, he couldn’t remember. He went through the list of neighbors that might be home to check. He then realized he could access the alarm and services from his phone. He reached in his pocket, opened up the App, and sure enough, they left the garage open, the alarm unarmed, and the AC on 72 degrees. He quickly pressed the buttons to close the garage, turn up the thermostat and arm the alarm. They kicked back and enjoyed their trip to New York for the Holidays.

Why We Do It

We provide a wide range of customizable security solutions from an entry level/ basic burglar alarm to “def-con10” as we like to say. Comprehensive options are parts of discussion on every structure, both pre-wired and non pre-wired.

We install as if it were our own with the best equipment, the cleanest installation and most importantly, training.