Protected Power

Fresh Air for Your Gear

Systems Run Best with Clean Power

Basically, it’s insurance for your gear.  Our manufactures choose to protect up to $5,000,000 on connected equipment with a lifetime warranty.
Joules not Jewels! We’re looking at Energy Dissipation measurements here!
Protection Against Surges and Spikes: Protects the equipment against surges when the power goes out unexpectedly and protects against spikes when the electrical comes back on.
A Solution Fit for Every Project: Not one size fits all. It’s important to spec the correct model and size for the application.

The importance of power is recognized by all first world countries, but overlooking surge protection and power conditioning affects the performance of an AV system.  This is a common mistake in the design of a lot of AV systems. The equipments’ livelihood depends on the smooth delivery of consistent and clean power. A brief power disruption can ruin equipment if not properly protected.

Power Conditioning: Efficient UPS systems protect every piece of equipment including AV systems, computers, network, and control systems that receive their power from a standard 15 or 20amp wall outlet. Models with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) can correct abnormal voltages which reduces wear and preserves runtime against outages.

Surge Protection: Where power conditioning is not required, surge protectors keep equipment safe from damaging transient voltage spikes. Many solutions are also available to connect and mount desktop peripherals to help increase productivity, including network, monitor and USB cables and display/monitor mounts.