Planning for Your Dream Home Theater? Let Us Help You with These Reviews

By August 12, 2010 Highlights

Whether you are planning to spend $500 or $50,000 for your home theater, you will need to learn the basics.

Your mind will be flooded with many questions thus you will need some readings and consultations about home theater and what you need buy.

Xaviera Arata Editor of the  Home Theater Reviews  website —— pointed out;

“…Now in days everyone wants a home theater in the house because its has a better sound like a real cinema…” Added Xaviera Arata

To help you choose and get the best buy; here are some home system reviews to check:

1. ZVOX 325 is designed for those who want an easy to set up speakers and great surround sound. This product is easy to use. It is compact; a combination of subwoofer, speakers and housing amplifier in one. It delivers a good midrange, highs and overall bass. ZVOX 325 can be put under a DVD player or a small television thus saving space. The disadvantages of ZVOX 325 are: no input of digital audio, audio input needs an adapter to be used with audio connectors, RCA-style, only 2 audio sources of input can be held, there is also no treble, bass and equalization control.

2. Q line is another home system with satellite speakers. It uses ribbon support drivers that provide great sound reproduction to movie and music material.  The pros in using Q line are: it has color coded cables for easy connection, it also has an easy to understand user manual. The cons however are: you must have your DVD player, subwoofers are too delicate with some materials, there is no component or S-video output/input on receiver, there is only 1 digital optical input and there is no setup display on screen.

3. Yamaha DVX-S60 comes with AV/DVD combo unit.  The unit is capable of progressive scan. It has a customary AV outputs, S-video and a component.  The amplifier/receiver includes fully efficient 5.1 channel receiver.  There is an FM/AM tuner with 30 channels, a 40 watt subwoofer and satellite speakers. There are color coded connectors and a user manual for easy set up.  DVX S60 is great nevertheless, there are certain lacking features such as audio playback. The speaker’s wire is somewhat fragile and the power output isn’t enough for larger rooms. Certain highs in a movie or music sounds a little harsh from the compact subwoofer.

Choosing a system is vital since it will be the core of your home theater. You wouldn’t want a disastrous movie watching when all you want is to enjoy and have fun! The reviews of the home systems provided above are just guides that can influence you with your choices.

“…Customers will always be right so choose the best system that will suit your taste and budget…” Added Xaviera Arata

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