Phase Technology CineMicro One Home Theater Speaker System

By November 20, 2010 Highlights

A powerful, compact speaker system with crystal-clear sound, the Cinemicro One makes the perfect gift for entry-level audiophiles and families looking for an easy audio solution. Featuring high-quality components housed in elegantly curved, high-gloss, hand-polished, all-wood cabinets, the CineMicro One is built to the high standards Phase Technology is known for.

Phase Technology has introduced the CineMicro One 5.1 home theater speaker system, which includes four satellite speakers, a dual-woofer center channel speaker and an 8-inch long-throw subwoofer in all-wood, acoustically neutral enclosures. The system may easily be expanded to accommodate 6.1, 7.1 or 7.2 audio requirements.

The CineMicro One incorporates specially engineered features to produce sound that matches that of larger high-end residential speaker systems. The speakers incorporate Phase Technology’s Absolute Phaseâ„¢ crossover networks for consistent sound throughout the room, with superior vertical and horizontal off-axis performance. Small yet powerful, the CineMicro One speakers handle 100 watts per channel. The speakers complement users’ decor with a high-gloss hand-polished piano black finish on the satellite and center units. Center and satellite units may be easily wall-mounted, or can be placed on a shelf.

CineMicro One satellite speakers measure 6.5″ x 5″ x 4.5″; the center channel speaker measures 10.5″ x 4.5″ x 4.75″; the subwoofer is 15″ x 12.5″ x 11″. MSRPCineMicro One 5.1 home theater system with four 2-way satellites, one 2-way center, and one HV81 subwoofer. Satellites and center come in hand-rubbed High Gloss Black, subwoofer comes in Black Wood Grain Laminate. $938
CineMicro Satellite Two-way satellite with 3″ cone woofer and 3/4″ dome tweeter. Hand-rubbed High Gloss Black. $163

“The CineMicro One was designed and engineered with sound quality that belies its size as the top priority. With its full-fidelity sound and attractive appearance, it is the perfect choice for customers who want rich, encompassing audio without having the speakers take up a lot of space in the room.”
— Duke Ducoff, VP of Sales, MSE Audio Group