Olive Media Music Server

By September 16, 2010 Highlights

We’ll hand it to ’em — Olive Media sure knows how to design a music server. For the niche crowd out there wishing to blow big bucks on a not-at-all-multifaceted jukebox, the company has just introduced its first “affordable” HD music server, the O3HD. It’s designed after the OH4D, which retailed for a buck under two large when it debuted last November. This guy, on the other hand, is listed for the low, low price of $999, and it’s pretty obvious to see which corner was cut the most. The aforesaid 4HD packed a 2TB HDD, and while Olive isn’t saying how large (or small, as it were) the hard drive is in the O3HD, it’s built to hold just 1500 CDs versus 6000 in the 4HD. Ideally, you’d rip all of your discs directly to the system, where it would store them as FLAC (lossless) files and then pump them out over the 24-bit DAC. There’s also a color touchpanel on the front, support for internet radio and a gratis iPhone / iPad controller app, just so you know. She’s on sale starting today should you find yourself with copious amounts of disposable income.

Source: Engadget