Netflix loads up on TV shows and adjusts its website for easier browsing

By February 16, 2011 Highlights

This morning a slew of new of TV shows — many from the recent ABC / Disney deal like Scrubs, Reaper and FlashForward, others like The Sarah Connor Chronicles from Fox, along with BBC shows like Men Behaving Badly and kids/family content from Barney to The Wind in the Willows — became available for Watch Instantly streaming on Netflix. Beyond the new content, there was another recent change as Netflix continues to makeover its website, as many TV series now list all the seasons under one entry, instead of breaking them out separately by season. Eventually, the change should make it easier to browse the multiple seasons of content Netflix has been able to acquire but with things in flux, it could be somewhat disconcerting to find oneself browsing through an uninterrupted 16-disc set of Psych until the new listings are all straightened out.

Sourse: Engadget HD