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Service & Maintenance

Ongoing system support is essential. Check out our service plans.

TV Mounting Packages

Simple Pricing. We have a package created for every size TV. Included is a professional TV tilt mount in every package. We can even move or add electrical outlets.


Check out our moving and relocation services. We make it simple by coordinating your services at the new location.

Design Service

Send or bring your your building plans and we’ll turn around a complete AV design.

Service and Maintenance

The Reason

  • Home technology can be overwhelming today.
  • Audio, video and internet are integrated in every system.
  • Internet and streaming services constantly change.
  • What are you going to do if your system stops working?
  • What will you do when you’re faced with a tech–related issue?
  • We’ll do it! Either you support your system or we will – but someone has to.

The Data

  • Average service visits are 2.75 hours to troubleshoot, diagnosis, program and retrain.
  • 80% of competitors WILL NOT perform service on a system they did not install.
  • 100% of current customers recommend this plan to a friend or family member.
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The Benefit

  • Personalized service.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Money savings.
  • Easy access.
  • Enhance your technology experience.

TV Mounting Options

Basic TV Setup

$ 139

Per TelevisionConnect TV to Sources
Clean Up
Demonstration and Training


*Cables not included

TV Installation

$ 299

Sizes 32" to 55"Tilt TV Mount INCLUDED
TV Installed on Wall
Connect TV to Sources
Clean Up
Demonstration and Training
All Cables Concealed in wall*

*Cables not included

TV InstallationMost Popular

$ 349

Sizes 60" to 80"Tilt TV Mount INCLUDED
Connect TV to Sources
TV Installed on Wall
Clean Up
Demonstration and Training
All Cables Concealed in wall*

*Cables not included

Electrical Outlet

$ 109

Per TV LocationElectrical Materials Included up to 15′.





The Fine Print
Included in the 32″ to 55″ and 60″ to 80″ packages are:
– One Tilt Mount, all steel.
– Trim plates and wall dressings as needed.
– Professional installation to manufacturer spec.
Terms: TV location to be on interior wall. Fireplaces TV mounts do not qualify. Low Voltage cables or electrical outlet can be added on site.

Audio | Video Calibration

Audio Calibration

Audio Correction leads to clarity in voices as well as provide the intended surround sound experience. What we’ll do:

  • Confirm speaker connections at floor level
  • Confirm speakers in phase.
  • Adjust receiver speaker settings.
  • Adjust tone levels (if applicable).
  • Adjust individual speaker levels.
  • Add or subtract appropriate delay times.
  • Correct room listening conditions.
  • Correct for up to 6 seating positions simultaneously (if applicable).
  • Approximately 1-3 hours on site

Video Calibration

Discover the detail of the video display with the intended settings from the manufacture. Display will likely last longer & use less energy. What we do:

  • Understand hardware best use and any limitations.
  • Adjustment and verification of resolutions settings of connected sources.
  • Adjustment and verification of aspect ratio settings of connected sources.
  • Enable additional viewing modes (if applicable).
  • Set black level & white level to maximize the dynamic range.
  • Set the gray scale color temperature to the industry standard.
  • Balance the blend of red/green/blue colors to create a linear without color tinting.
  • Approximately 1-3 hours on site
  • *ISF Certification not available

Audio Calibration

$ 249

Per Audio System

Equipment make & models required prior to service.
Cables and hardware not included.

Video Calibration

$ 299

Per Display Panel

Equipment make & models required prior to service.
Cables and hardware not included.

Audio + Video CalibrationBundle & Save

$ 449

One Audio Source and One Display

Equipment make & models required prior to service.
Cables and hardware not included.
Available when performing AV calibrations in the same visit.

Moving and Relocation Services

Residential and Commercial- We offer moving and relocation services locally. We professionally uninstall any Audio, Video, Security, or Computer equipment, carefully transport the items to the new location and re-install. We can even lock it up safely at our warehouse. Take advantage of our fleet and storage.