Demo- Solid Drive SD1

By October 18, 2010 Highlights

Just got in the Solid Drive SD1. It is crazy. It literally turns any surface into a speaker. We tested it on the table and on the wall. The entire surface turned into a speaker! We placed it on the wall and the whole wall lit up as a speaker.

Application you might ask? This speaker can be used in your home theater. It can mount to the inside of the wall, totally out of sight. Sound comes from everywhere and you cannot see where it’s coming from. The sound quality is surprising.

Place this under your works conference room table and bam, instant stereo.

Take it with you for a midnight basketball game, place it on your car and your car is the stereo!

We have demo unit so if you want to hear for yourself, call us!

Great product! and comes with a 7 year warranty.

Take a look at this video from youtube: