De-testimony: the story of a dissatisfied customer

By September 13, 2010 Highlights

After talking with a dissatisfied big electronics store customer this past weekend, we were asked how we would handle this situation.

Here’s Betty’s story:

Betty, a singe 50 something mother of 2 from Mesa, went to Bestbuy two weeks ago after her TV died. She walked in to the store knowing she wanted a new flat screen TV but like most, didn’t have a clue where to start. She looked at LCD’s, Plasmas, and LED’s and her head spun. She asked a “13 year old boy who worked there” what she should get and he shrugged his shoulders, telling her all the TV’s were good. “What a big help,” she thought to herself.

Two hours later, frustrated and confused, she settled with a 46″ LED TV. But before Betty left, she demanded to speak with the Manager to give him a small piece of her mind. The Manager was upset at her story and gave her a generous 20% of the Geek Squad setup service, a $350 value! She thought it was a pretty good deal so she waited in the long Saturday line again, and bought the service package. “They’ll be there Thursday at 11am,” said the Scheduling Manager.

Five long days without a TV later, Betty, behind on her favorite shows, left work excited to be home in time for the service call. It was 11am, then 12pm, then finally at 1:15pm, the van pulled up, over 2 hrs late.

“Ding Dong, Geek Squad here to hook up your TV,” the kid said while holding his McDonalds soda cup. The other rep was still eating in the truck. Betty let them in and in 20 minutes and $175 in cables later, they had her TV up and running and they were out the door. The TV cable looked great and she was impressed with herself.

She put in her favorite DVD, Friends I think, but it didn’t work. The guys forgot to hook up her DVD player! She called the store to try and catch the van before it got too far away and the Service desk said “that type of hook up” was not included in the Installation package. If she wanted it done, it would be $85 more and they couldn’t schedule anything for eight days! Disgusted, she hit the internet, looking for an alternative.

She called Lanza AV and Home Theater! We were happy to make the service call last Saturday on a day notice and help with her minor issues and to explain her new TV. She was surprised that we showed up on-time and we spent so much time with her, explaining her system. She chose a great one and we were able to train her how to use everything.

Thanks for calling Betty. We hope you’re enjoying your new system! We’re always here for you =)