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Guide to music setting for the new Savant Music 2.0

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IR Placement

The most common issue we get is that the cable box is not controllable. If you have any RF or IP controllable system (you can operate your system without pointing at the components, you have IR Emitters. If you have already preformed a “Hard Reset” on your cable or satellite box, chances are your IR emitter was removed from the front of the component.

Note that every cable box, media player, bluray player has a different area where the component reads the IR. Best practice to reaffixing the emitter is to in one hand, hold the universal remote and press a button that you know has worked in the past. Then slowly run the IR emitter over the front of the component until it reacts. Use a hot glue gun or glue to reaffix the emitter to its appropriate place.

This is an IR Emitter:


This is where an IR emitter goes on an Cox cable box.