Now Available: Savant Garage Door Control

Now you Can Easily and simply, open, close and view Garage Door status from your Savant System!

Question: How is this done?

By the Addition of one intermediary piece to the existing system to add this functionality.

Question: What’s this cost?

The Equipment is roughly $199 and approximately two to three hours of installation and programming. Labor is approximate.


Depending on which version of software the system is on. This can only be added to systems running on software version 8.0 and above.

How do I find my current version of software?

1. Log in to your Savant App 

2. Press “System” (top left of home screen).

3. Press the name of your system (most likely the top button)

4. Press “System Information” on the bottom

5. “System UID” shows the version of the Savant System Software.

More Info:

Check Out Savant’s website for more details and updates.

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