Home Network cost and quality.
What's the best system for me?

Question: What equipment is need for a network?

This includes all of the equipment needed to attain fast and consistent speeds. This equipment includes a Modem, a Router, and Wifi. In some applications, adding a network switch is necessary. The switch is basically an extension of the router and is used when all the ports of the router are taken by other devices like computers, printers, hardwired wireless access points, home automation equipment ect.

Question: Hardwire or Wireless?

In all cases, it is best to hardwire any component that has the ability. The hardwired network takes first priority on the network and provides for the best speed.

Question: Does the type of wire matter?

AbsolutelyMost homes and business are wired with Cat5e. Here’s a breakdown of the cabling and the speed capability associated each respective cable:


Speed in Mbps Max 100


Speed in Gbps Max 1,000


Speed in Gbps Max 10,000


Speed in Gbps Max 40,000

Question: What does a new network cost?

Some factors: The level of quality, speed and coverage dictate price which can range anywhere from about $300 for a simple system (modem and wireless router) to cover 1,200sqf to $3,000+ for a larger home.

Question: Common Mistakes

Be on the lookout for something too good to be true. For example, ISPs like Century Links and Cox will stand behind their All-in-One Modem, Router, Wifi combo units. These have a purpose. Their main customer rents on average a 1,000 sqf home or apartment. These units are not capable of the range and network speeds most consumers require.

Another thing to look out for are Wireless bridges or Wireless Extenders. These devices repeat the signal from the main router to places where the wifi signal is low. These can cause devices headaches as they don’t’ know which point to connect to and users might have handoff issues while moving throughout the home or business.  If you are using one of these, DO NOT PUT IT WHERE THE WIFI IS LOW. Instead, put it in the middle of the main router and the problem router.

The best systems will divide the equipment: Modem, Router, Switch and Wireless Access Point(s). With a couple access points, the home is on 1 network and the signal is fast everywhere plus they can be upgraded easier and more can be added to the system in a snap.

Which system is right for you?


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