Home Theater and Surround Sound

A surround sound system consists of essential equipment:


What it does


Center Speaker

Produces dialogue and is considered the most important speaker in the system. It delivers more than 50% of a movies sound including almost of the dialogue. It also provides important sound effects.

Best when placed under the TV.
Can sit on furniture, mount to TV, be in-wall or in-ceiling speaker.

Audio Video Receiver (AVR)

Powers your speakers.
Upscales both audio and video
Switches between sources to TV

In an Cabinet under the TV
Out of the room, for example, in a hallway closet

Surround Sound Speakers

The surround sound channels work in conjunction with your others speakers to deliver directional effects. For example, when the helicopter leaves the screen, banks right, and you hear it hover over and behind you.

Best when placed behind the seating area.
Can sit on furniture, mount to TV, be in-wall or in-ceiling speaker.

Front Left and Right Speakers

These speakers reproduce the movie’s sound stage. They handle the special effects. When listening to music, they sound best in stereo mode.

Best when placed to the left and right of the TV
The wider they are, the bigger sound stage.
Can sit on furniture, mount to TV, be in-wall or in-ceiling speaker.


Supplies low-frequency effects. For music, the sub delivers accurate, tight control that’s perfectly integrated with your speakers.

Subwoofers like corners of the room but can also be placed in ceilings or in walls


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