Common Apple TV Problems and how to fix

Question: What’s Apple TV?

Airplay Isn’t Working

Symptoms: You are trying to use AirPlay to beam content to your Apple TV (from your Mac or iOS device) but you find either the devices aren’t able to see each other, or you are encountering stuttering and lag.


Wifi Problems

Symptoms: It’s always recommenced to hard-wire any and all data connections. You may experience difficulties with your Wi-Fi network. Problems may include your Apple TV being unable to find or join the network, your device may not connect to the network in a stable fashion, movies and other content may stutter as a result of an intermittent connection flaw – there are many ways in which Wi-Fi problems may reveal themselves.


Solutions: Open Settings > Network and check to see if an IP address shows up. If there is no address you should restart your router and Apple TV (Settings > System > Restart). If the IP address does show up but the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t appear to be that strong, then you should consider moving your wireless access point closer to the Apple TV, using an Ethernet cable between the two devices, or investing in a professional to provide a network consultation.

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