Apple TV- Our Take

By September 7, 2010 Highlights

Dropping the price by a third and cutting the size by even more, the new Apple TV ($99) should be in everyone’s living room before long. (And no, it’s still not an actual TV. Just an add-on.) They’re ditching movie and TV show purchasing altogether, instead going with a streaming rental model — $5 for HD movies and 99-cents for TV shows. The all-black-everything Apple TV also streams Netflix, YouTube, and Flickr, in addition to your music, photos and videos from your computer. It’s got built-in HDMI, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and an internal power supply.

Bottomline: The new Apple TV does what your computer already does. It uses the media you already or have access to (your photos, your music, your netflix account, hulu) and makes it more centralized in your home theater. The problem is duplication. How many places do I really need to setup my netflix account (xbox, ipad, computer, bluray, sony tv, ect).

We as consumers are looking for media we don’t have access to and don’t necessarily want to purchase. This is why the Apple TV’s market is for the

Regardless your take, this is one step closer to watching the media you want, when you want it, and it’s a heck of a lot more cost effective than cable!

We can set these up and sync them with your home network no prob.