And the best AV RECEIVER is…

By October 8, 2010 Highlights

The Denon AVR-1911….

I’m sure that’s a big shocker…

Steve Guttenberg from CNET picked the AVR-1911 in his review of mid-priced AVR’s. Steve, “The Audiophiliac”, writes for a number of magazines and Web sites, including Home Entertainment, Tone Audio, and Stereophile. He is a member of the CNET Blog Network.

Here is the link to the review:

Steve writes:

“So it was the Denon AVR-1911 that took top honors, it just sounded better to my ears than the others. Bass definition was superb; upper treble clarity and resolution led the pack. […] The Denon AVR-1911 is the best sounding midpriced receiver I’ve heard this year.”

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