Yamaha stereo receivers flaunt RETRO look

By October 25, 2010 Highlights

If you long for the days of leisure suits and Magnum PI mustaches, or are just in the market for audio gear to match your arcade and TV, then Yamaha’s new R-S line of receivers might be just the ticket. The R-S700, R-S500, and R-S300 draw inspiration from the audio equipment of the 70s and 80’s and all feature minimal aluminum front panels with AndrĂ© the Giant hand-sized knobs for adjustments. Their throwback looks hide modern day goodies like YBA-10 Bluetooth audio streaming, iPod dock connectivity and a dedicated subwoofer output. Power-wise, the R-S300 provides 50 watts per channel of clean power, while the R-S500 and R–S700 scale the wattage up to 75 and 100 watts per channel, respectively. If you like to keep your power and tuner separate, then the similarly styled A-S500 integrated amp and matching T-S500 tuner can also oblige. Slated to time warp to shelves later this October, pricing starts at $330 for the R-S300 and works its way up to $550 for the top tiered dual-zoned and dual remote-toting R-S700. With all the retro love going around though, just make sure your short shorts stay in the attic — that history ain’t quite ready to be repeated.

Source: engadget