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Service and Maintenance

The Reason

  • Home technology can be overwhelming today.
  • Audio, video and internet are integrated in every system.
  • Internet and streaming services constantly change.
  • What are you going to do if your system stops working?
  • What will you do when you’re faced with a tech–related issue?
  • We’ll do it! Either you support your system or we will – but someone has to.

The Data

  • Average service visits are 2.75 hours to troubleshoot, diagnosis, program and retrain.
  • 80% of competitors WILL NOT perform service on a system they did not install.
  • 100% of current customers recommend this plan to a friend or family member.
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The Benefit

  • Personalized service.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Money savings.
  • Easy access.
  • Enhance your technology experience.

TV Mounting Options

Based on customer responses, we created competitive packages for TV mounting. Included in our packages are:
1. Tilt Mount, all steel.
2. Trim plates and wall dressings.
3. Assurance a professional did it to spec.
Package pricing varies on the TV size. Which package is right for you?
See one you like? Follow the link to check out and scheduling will come to you.


Choose Your Design

Connect TV to Components

Clean Up

Demonstration and Training


All Cables Concealed in Wall

Cables not included

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Basic TV Setup


per TV location


32" - 55"


per TV location


60"- 80"


per TV location


Need an Outlet?


per TV location

Home Theater Optimization

See how we optimize your existing Audio and Video systems.


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Service | Maintenance

Someone has to support the system. Either you, your crafty uncle or we can just do it. Check out or service plans.

TV Mounting Packages

Simple Pricing. We have a package created for every TV large and small. We include a professional TV tilt mount in every package. We even have you covered with electrical outlet moves.


Check out our moving and relocation services below. We make it simple by coordinating your services at the new location and moving the electronics.

Design Service

Bring or email us your plans and we’ll turn around an AV design complete with Audio, Video, Data, Rack, Security Alarm, Camera locations and more.

Moving and Relocation Services

Residential and Commercial- We offer moving and relocation services locally. We professionally uninstall any Audio, Video, Security, or Computer equipment, carefully transport the items to the new location and re-install. We can even lock it up safely at our warehouse. Take advantage of our fleet and storage.