Presentation is Everything.

With audio and video conferencing, invite experts in to your business, full attendance to meetings: leave no employee or consultant out of your meeting, save meeting notes, video and minutes, manager/ employee meetings and reviews. The list is endless.

Show OFF your projects on a video wall at reception. Present easily to your team or audience. Project the presentation on a big screen or multiple screens. Save your work and distribute with your team or clients. Share the notes with the country or across the country or your remote team.

Video Conferencing
Projectors and Screens
Digital White Boards

Automated Environments with simple control

Conference Rooms

Let’s start with the space and its intended functionality. What are the most important aspect of a successful presentation or brain storming session? Is it video conferencing, live presentations, clear voice…

Video Wall

Interactive Video Wall, Motion Graphics, Mosaic tiling

User Experience

A new system is great but if the end-user doesn’t know how to operate, what’s the point? Simplify the system. Ask us how.

Responsive Systems

Fast systems that do what you tell them, when you tell them.

Our Client Types and Popular Services

Gym & Health Clubs

  • Music Distribution
  • Video Distribution
  • Video Wall
  • Cameras
  • Instructor Wall Plug-ins

Auto Repair

  • Security Cameras
  • Alarm System
  • Automatic and Sensor Lighting
  • Entry Gate Control

Bars and Restaurants

  • Music Distribution
  • Video Distribution
  • Security Cameras
  • Security Alarm
  • Universal Remotes

Multi-unit Housing

  • Prewire Voice, Data, Coaxial
  • Audio in Common Areas
  • Install Trim
  • Theater

Custom Home

Prewire | Phone and Data | AV |Smart

Conference Room

Projectors | Screens | Video Conferencing


Cat6 | Switches | Wall Plates | Analysis

Video Walls

Interactive Video Wall | Mosaic tiling Motion Graphics

Service Packages

  • Equipment and Labor Warranty
  • Bi-Annual Maintenance and Firmware Updates
  • Equipment Exchange in Event of Failure
  • Discounts on Future Work